I had a short Twitter exchange a week ago that I wanted to take a moment to share. The exchange was cordial, but it was telling. How so? We had two different experiences at the same bakery stand. When I went, everything appeared to be in line with the bakery’s allergy-friendly statements. When the other allergy-concerned Twitter user (@FoodAllergyBuzz) went, she noticed at least three errors.

Now would I go back to the bakery based on my experience? Yes. Because I had a great experience, and I definitely put some value in that. But would I be more cautious? Definitely. And as I said in my response: always ask questions. Double check ingredients in every product every time. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to the same restaurant, always go over your allergies and ask questions. You don’t play with allergies. Caution is your friend.

I’m grateful that @FoodAllergyBuzz chimed in on my post. We’re a community. It’s our job to look out for each other. It’s what makes allergy blogs, social media, and websites (like AllergyEats) so important and valuable. If we each write based on our experience a more complete picture appears. It makes us safer. It makes people without allergies and restaurants more aware. So, thank you to @FoodAllergyBuzz for entering this particular conversation!