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Located in Boston’s South End, there just aren’t enough words to describe my experience here.  The waiter was beyond belief and assured me that my allergy/intolerance needs would be met.  He knew the dishes we were asking about backwards and forwards.  If there was even a question in his mind about an ingredient, which only happened twice, he went to ask the chef without any prompting.  I was reassured that they take allergies very seriously and that they could accommodate me.

And accommodate me they did.  We had many wonderful dishes.  I don’t even really like fish, and I loved the two seafood dishes I tried!  My new favorite restaurant!

Pictures of a few of our dishes (with everything in italics straight from their online menu):




Piquillos Rellenos: Spanish Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Braised Goat

This brought  stuffed peppers to a whole new level! The meat was tender and practically melted in your mouth, while the peppers gave a perfect hint of spice that tied the whole dish together.





Cojonudo: Grilled Chorizo, Fried Quail Egg on Toast

You’d think something as frequently done as toast, sausage and eggs would be old-hat, right?  Wrong!  I don’t know what exactly they did to make this dish, but I want to learn.  Or just eat more of these!  Again, perfectly balanced flavors that just leave you wanting more.






Special of the day: mako shark with aioli

Again: I’m not a seafood person.  And yet, out of the four of us who were at the table, I think I ate the most of this.  I, at minimum, finished it off.  It didn’t taste like chicken, but it didn’t taste fishy.  The aioli complemented the fried pieces of mako shark, which were tender and a real treat.





Trucha a la Navarra: Pan-Seared Stuffed Trout, Crispy Serrano Ham

I didn’t think I’d like this dish.  I’m iffy enough about seafood when it no longer looks like seafood, but when you serve me an actual fish? Well, somewhere during this meal I developed a new sense of adventure.  Glad I did!  It wasn’t like any fish I had tried before (it tasted almost smooth, if that can be used to describe a fish).  Again, the serrano ham completed the dish without overpowering the fish.


The before and after shots of my dessert (olive oil chocolate mousse) speak for themselves: