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My husband and I went up to Boston for a long weekend, and I’m thrilled that Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery was the first place we went!  Completely vegan, gluten-free, nut-free (peanut and tree nut) & sesame-free, this bakery is located in Boston Public Market. Of course, I couldn’t just taste test one item…I had to taste test four.  Between two different days, I tried a cinnamon bun, a coffee cake donut, a death by chocolate donut  and a lemon-blueberry donut.

They were all spectacular.  My favorite was the lemon-blueberry donut, which was a happy surprise seeing as I naturally favor chocolate or cinnamon and wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen this donut.  Well, I’m glad I asked for it on a whim! (And I’m glad that my fruit allergies don’t extend to lemons and blueberries!)  It was a perfect breakfast bite!  Tangy, but sweet, it was spongy and delicious! I’m wishing there was a Jennifer Lee’s near me!

I wish I could have stayed in Boston longer and tried more of these products!  In all, if you’re in Boston this is a great place to stop (with or without allergies).  You can check out the website here.