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In an effort to find a vegan restaurant halfway between myself and a friend who is vegan, I found Mi Lah Vegetarian.  While more known for their Philadelphia location (which I have not been to), I was excited to learn that they had a location in Ambler, PA.  Now, usually when I go into a restaurant and lay out my allergies, there’s two or three (if I’m lucky) options that I can have.  The waiter felt sorry that there were three appetizers/entrees on the two page menu I couldn’t have.  That left the rest of the menu to choose from!  Something I very rarely have the opportunity to do anymore.

After much debating (because everything sounded delicious), I decided the curried cauliflower steak was calling to me.  I still don’t understand how this dish was so filling!  And the curry spices added to, instead of overwhelmed, the cauliflower.  Of course, I had to ask for the dessert menu.  Because there’s always a small chance I can eat the dessert.  I could eat it here!  Chocolate cake with a pineapple topping (a special joy because pineapple is one of five fruits I can have) and almond milk ice cream.  Yeah…already planning my return trip.

The most interesting thing, though, is the conversation I had with our waiter (who I also believe was a manager/owner, but I do not have confirmation on that) after the meal.  He expressed how Mi Lah has realized how many people are affected by different allergies/intolerances and that they’re trying to make an effort to accommodate everyone with their different allergies/intolerances both in their restaurant and in their catering.  From someone in a real position to be annoyed by having to deal with an allergy situation (which I’ve encountered quite a bit), the waiter’s attitude was a real blessing.  So: thank you.