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I went on the lookout for a protein powder for two reasons: I seem to shy away from a lot of meat at times (just sometimes sits heavy) and I wanted to find a quick “on-the-go” filling drink.  Not the easiest thing in the world to find, apparently.  Between dairy products being in most conventional protein shakes/powders and fruits I’m allergic to being in most vegan versions, I was a bit at a loss.  But, low and behold, when I was not actually looking for such a supplement what did I find sitting on a shelf in Target?  Vega Clean Protein.

Now, I can’t have all the Vega brand powders because of the fruit issue.  But I can have the Clean Protein Chocolate Flavor BCAAs + Glutamine one.  I mix it with my almond milk and some chocolate syrup and it’s perfect.  If I want to get fancy, I mix it with some almond milk ice cream, almond milk and chocolate syrup to make a “milkshake”.

Overall, it’s a good supplement that I’m thrilled I stumbled into.