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Sometimes cooking (and, well, eating) is cathartic.  I previously described that allergy-friendly food isn’t tasteless and unimaginative.  And I used a video of Gordon Ramsay to illustrate that point.  I decided to continue that point slightly…by trying to cook a Gordon Ramsay signature dish: the beef wellington.

My husband had gotten me the Hell’s Kitchen Cookbook, so I was eager to try this dish.  While I didn’t use filet mignon (a little pricey), I was shocked by how well attempt one went!  Having watched all the seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, I fully expected this to: (a) be overcooked; (b) be raw; or (c) somehow end up in flames another way.  It didn’t!

But I guess the point is this: I decided I was going to try to make beef wellington no matter how difficult it is, so I made it.  I was prepared for a first attempt flop.  I was prepared to have to make a different dinner on the fly.  But I was going to try.  Having allergies doesn’t mean that you give up on foods you’ve wanted to try or miss from before your allergy days.  It means you keep working to try to make it work without the ingredients that you can’t have.  We’re not limited anymore than a beginning cook would be limited in their first meals.

So try to cook something new!  Something you saw on tv or online!  Something you miss!  Or something you’ve always wanted to try!

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
― Ruth Reichl