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I think that I’ve mentioned before that the cheese I’ve tried most desperately to reproduce is ricotta.  I’ve tried a cashew recipe, mushroom-based recipe (which admittedly was really good but wasn’t quite right) and a few store bought substitutes.  Prior to this point, I hadn’t found the perfect ricotta cheese substitute.  Enter Kite Hill’s Ricotta Cheese substitute made out of almond milk.

It has that texture and mild flavor I’ve been missing.  Mild but smooth and creamy without any weird aftertastes.  The cheese doesn’t taste like almonds…it tastes like ricotta!  And it acts like ricotta when cooked!

I was so thrilled to find this little treat, and I cannot wait to try more of Kite Hill’s products!

*picture from Kite Hill’s website (http://www.kite-hill.com/our-foods/artisanal-delicacy/#ricotta)