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There are three questions I get every time I explain my allergies/lactose intolerance to someone:

  1. What DO you eat?
  2. But does it taste good?
  3. What do you cook for your husband?

The answer people seem to believe the least is: “Yeah, it tastes really good!”  So I thought I’d share a quick video from Gordon Ramsay.  In this video, he’s cooking for someone (Hannah) who can’t have gluten or dairy.*

Her not being quite ready to have red meat aside (which is perfectly understandable), the meal received a rave review from Hannah.  “I can’t believe you can put so much different flavors and tastes just into coleslaw.”  Just looking at the meal, my mouth was watering.  I can’t wait to try my own version!

Having food restrictions doesn’t mean that your food is tasteless.  It doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing everyday.  And it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in an uncreative, small culinary box without an escape.

Having food restrictions means that you have to be adventurous with the ingredients you can have.  It means you recognize that cooking is both an art and a science.  And it means that you have infinite possibilities that develop with experience and experimentation.

Happy eating!


*Now, Hannah is a vegetarian and Chef Ramsay cooks her a steak.  But he did respect the reasons she was a vegetarian and discuss whether or not she was okay with trying a steak ahead of time.  As such, I see absolutely nothing wrong with serving her a steak.