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It’s a special moment (at least to me) when a lactose-free blogger can post a recommendation for a pizza place.  Nestled in historical downtown Anchorage, AK, the Fat Ptarmigan serves wood fire pizza and provides a vegan cheese (daiya) option.  My husband and I split a whole pie!  While I normally don’t managed to eat half a pizza, it was delicious and it was just great to order a pizza again!

We had built our own pizza, so our vegan cheese half black olive half reindeer sausage pizza was created.  We felt that we had to try reindeer since we were in Alaska.  It was good!  Reminded me of kielbasa, actually.  I stuck mainly to the black olive half of the pizza pie, though.  The vegan cheese was perfectly melted and handled, and we had a wonderful experience there!


I wanted to give a special mention to our waitress.  I had stressed my various allergies and my severe lactose intolerance to her before ordering.  She was thoughtful, knowledgeable and informative.  And my husband later reported that while I was in the restroom she hovered over the chefs and stressed multiple times that they had to be careful not to cross-contaminate our food.  I really appreciated her attention to my food challenges and going above and beyond to make sure I had a safe visit at the restaurant.  I can’t say thank you enough for making my experience at the Fat Ptarmigan memorable for all the right reasons.

Their website is http://fatptarmigan.com/.