I hadn’t realized what a treasurer trove Vancouver was until I was there!  My husband and I walked out of the hotel entrance and spotted this cute little cafe across the street.  What drew our attention was the description on the window: Vegan, Lacto Vegetarian, Local Organic Home Made, Farm Fresh, Healthy Options, Real Food.  Naturally, we had to check it out!  Since we already had breakfast plans, we stopped for an early morning snack.

They make their own almond milk in house, and I had a lovely Almond Milk Latte!  The almond milk wasn’t as sweet as you buy in a grocery store, so I added some sugar, but it was delicious!  We also split pumpkin bread, which was moist and tasty.  I almost wish we didn’t have breakfast plans, it was so good!

Ultimately, this is a great little hole in the wall that I would love to visit again!