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There aren’t words.  Since this is a blog post, I need to come up with some to describe how incredibly thrilled I am with Daiya’s new Homestyle Ranch Dressing, but there aren’t really any words to describe how wonderful this is.  So, let me count the ways:

  1. It tastes like ranch dressing.  Or at least how I remember ranch dressing.  But my husband (who can still have regular dressing) agrees that it does, in fact, actually taste like ranch dressing.
  2. It’s not soy based.  I try to reduce my soy intake if it’s easy to do so (I don’t go out of my way, but it’s something I pay attention to).  Daiya just makes it so wonderfully easy.
  3. It’s not liquidy.  It’s actually a thick dressing so the texture is even like ranch dressing.
  4. I recognize most of the ingredients.  Even the ones I don’t commonly see are not some random chemical.  Daiya takes the time, if you want to read about it, to explain their ingredients.  For someone with allergies, I always appreciate that.
  5. Oh, and by the way, IT TASTES LIKE RANCH DRESSING!

Anyway, I highly recommend at minimum trying this product.  I’m on my second bottle (and it hasn’t been very long since my grocery store put the dressing on the shelf).  They came out with two other dressings, but I was a huge fan of the taste of ranch so I dove for this one first.