Like anyone with food challenges, traveling can be a scary and difficult thing.  Where do I eat?  Will I have to cook for myself?  Will everything be okay?  Traveling anywhere has been difficult since my lactose intolerance and other allergies have gotten much worse.

Enter Vancouver.   I was only there for a day, but it seemed like a food allergy haven.  Everywhere I ate was particularly sensitive to my issues and, just as importantly, knowledgeable about what ingredients were used in their food.  You’d be shocked (or not…I always am) by how unaware people are of the ingredients in the food they’re serving.  And I don’t just mean the service staff.  I mean the chefs as well.  The amount of times I’ve heard, “Well…we don’t make that on site so we really have no way of knowing what’s in it…” is astonishing.  I always assumed that either things were made on site or they came with ingredient labels…but I guess that’s not the case…but I digress.

That, being the whole unawareness of what’s actually in the food, was distinctly not a problem in Vancouver (at least where I dined).  The service staff and chefs alike were knowledgeable.  And, get this, they listened to what the food challenges were.  They were responsive and communicated if there were any concerns.  Because of this, there was not a single issue at any of the three places I ate at.  I wish I was there longer.

I might drag my husband back there just to do a food tour, since I never thought I’d get to do a food tour.  I’ll post about each of the restaurants I ate at, but I wanted to take a second to rave about the general attitude of the city first.  In case I didn’t make it clear: Vancouver was awesome!