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I love ice cream.  Or, I suppose, more accurately: I loved ice cream.  And then having any lactose containing products was no longer an option.  I tried the spectrum of lactose-free ice creams.  Couldn’t have the one with the artificial enzyme, since I had an allergic reaction to that.  The soy milk ice cream tends to make me feel queasy (soy and I have a sometimes strained relationship).  The coconut milk ice cream has such a strong coconut flavor that it overwhelms any other flavor.  So I settled on almond milk ice cream.  And don’t get me wrong, almond milk ice cream tastes good.  It’s just not exactly like that creamy texture you crave from ice cream.  And you have to like the taste of almonds.

Then there was Ben & Jerry’s.  In response to their clients’ requests, Ben & Jerry’s found a way to make a vegan, dairy-free ice cream product (made from almond milk), and in the last month they released their first four flavors: chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, coffee caramel fudge, and P.B. and cookies.  My mom surprised me with the P.B. and cookies this weekend when I visited for Easter.  Ben & Jerry’s describes the dessert as follows: “Vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate sandwich cookies & crunchy peanut butter swirls”.  The description is true.  But it’s missing a very important fact: that it actually tastes like ice cream.  Not like a substitute.  Ice cream.  The ice cream was smooth and creamy, the cookies and peanut butter spread liberally throughout the dessert added the perfect amount of additional flavor and crunch.  Yum.  Just…yum.

Thank you, Ben & Jerry’s.  I’m loving ice cream again.  Yum.

Visit their website here for more information.