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By now you might have realized that I have a serious love for Italian and Italian-American food.  Ordering, or even making, Italian-American food is sometimes difficult because of the sheer amount of cheese and other dairy products Italian-American food typically relies on.  So if I find an Italian-American restaurant that can take care of the lactose issues, I’m going to share it.

Enter Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Many restaurants make the claim that their goal is “to make people feel special” (quoted section from the Maggiano’s website).  The thing is, though, that my experiences with Maggiano’s have proven that sentiment to be accurate.  Maggiano’s is a scratch kitchen and restaurant, meaning everything is made on site from the bottom up.  Specifically meaning, that if you have an allergy they can still (most likely) feed you.  Since they make everything from scratch, if you need an ingredient left out they can still make you a meal.  A delicious one at that.  I’ve dined at their Bridgewater, NJ and King of Prussia, PA locations and they were able to accommodate me without a problem.

The above being said, this is not a vegan restaurant and this is not a restaurant specializing in dairy-free.  You won’t be able to have the cream sauces because they don’t have a substitute on hand.  Do I think that ruined the experience?  Not at all!  I’ve loved everything I’ve eaten there.  The chefs and staff have always taken care to make me comfortable and to provide me a great meal.

The chef always comes out to talk to me before I place an order.  The chef at King of Prussia even made me a dish completely off the menu!  It really takes some of the worry over the allergies not getting relayed correctly to the chef away.  Anyone with food complications has felt that particular worry, I’m sure.  But when the chef personally goes through the ingredients in something if you ask him/her to and personally talks through what they can make for you?  Yeah…makes a difficult situation a great one.

You can view their menu and locations here.  Hope you enjoy!

Buon appetito!