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There are just some places that are hidden little gems just waiting to be found.  Well…my parents found one in Bethlehem and brought me some wonderful treats when they came to visit!

Vegan Treats, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a must visit if you are anywhere around the area.  They are 100% plant-based and everything is made from scratch without any animal products (i.e. dairy).  They also bake some gluten-free products, but I have yet to try any of those specific products.  I can say they look as good as everything else in the shop.

From their doughnuts to their cakes to their cannolis (I’ve sampled a little bit of everything), everything is absolutely delicious!  To walk into a bakery and know that everything is dairy-free/lactose-free and everything is mouthwatering is beyond belief.

You can visit their website at: Vegan Treats.

Vegan Treats Pic

(picture from the Vegan Treats website…doesn’t everything just look delicious?!)