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Having recently gotten married and started a new job that took about 11.5 hours of my day, I found that the crock-pot can be my best friend.  I was craving ham, so here’s a very simple solution.


1 bone-in ham (depending on size, the top might have to be trimmed to fit in crock-pot; just put the trimming next to the rest of the ham in the crock-pot)
1 can of sprite
honey (about 8 oz)
Cinnamon (sprinkled to taste)


1) Place ham in crock-pot.
2) Pour the sprite over the ham in the crock-pot.
3) Make a criss-cross pattern on the ham using the honey.
4) Lightly sprinkle the top of the ham with cinnamon.
5) Cook on low for 12 hours.

The ham should fall off the bone.  I enjoyed eating this with some dairy-free rolls and earth balance soy-free buttery spread.