Whenever anyone is faced with an allergy or food intolerance, regardless of whether they’ve had it their whole life or if it’s new, it’s hard.  I didn’t grow up with lactose intolerance.  I didn’t really have many allergies when I was younger either.  That’s changed, and my anaphylactic allergies grow every day.

While there’s little I can do about my anaphylactic allergies, I tried the lactase pills and lactase milk to combat my lactose intolerance.  Unfortunately, I only discovered that my body would not accept the substitute enzyme (a rarity) and even treats the substitute enzyme as an allergen. So, I went completely lactose-free.

Eating out is a challenge, and there are many misconceptions about dairy despite it being one of the FDA’s eight (8) most common allergens.  Even eating at a relative’s house can be tricky.  People often don’t even understand how friendly-for-me foods can taste good. Beyond even the actual food, many medications (from over the counter to prescription) use lactose as a filler. But I don’t want my food challenges to keep me from travelling or enjoying life, and I don’t believe it should.

After a lot of searching and experimenting, I hope to share some little tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I hope this blog helps someone else who is in a similar situation.


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